ASHBA® Water – 4 Pack

ASHBA® Water – 4 Pack



  • 4 Pack – 16.9 FL OZ | 500 ML

  • $1.75 per bottle

  • Precise PH Balance of 7.7

  • 100% recyclable BPA-free bottles

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Located 6,000 feet up in the pristine Palomar Mountain in Southern California, these natural springs have been producing high quality drinking water, since the beginning of time. These rich natural springs lie away from civilization in the cleanest air of the United States.

ASHBA Water is perfect for everyday hydration, with a precise PH balance of 7.7. We do not add too, alter, or manipulate our water in any way, so you can enjoy high quality, pure, clean and healthy drinking water the way Mother Nature intended. Not only are our bottles 100% recyclable, but they are also BPA free!